An Oldie But A Goodie

While discussing the shop’s new intern (who has been described as part land piranha and part alligator,) this old BMW Z4 advert came to mind. Based on an SNL skit from long ago, this ad campaign from BMW has always been one of my favorites! I hope you all enjoy!

Special Contest!

It is time to take a minute from the car talk, and discuss one of the favorite employees here at the shop! If you’ve been in, you of course know that I mean Dwayne!

He’s now five years old, and has been working with me daily since he was four months old. In all the time he has been here with us, making clients smile, the pervasive question has been, “What is he?!”

The answer to that question will soon be at hand. In order to make things interesting, we are holding a little pool so people can try their hand at a guess! Each entry is $5, with the change to pick up to 5 breeds and the associated percentages. Winner will receive 50% of the pot, with the other 50% donated to the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley.

If you’re interested in entering, please swing by the shop to place your votes! The winner will be announced in the next 4-6 weeks once the DNA test results are in!

No matter what the outcome, I hope we can all have a little fun, make someone a little pocket money, and help some shelter animals all at the same time! 

Neighborhood Changes

Wow, if you’ve been in lately, you’ve seen some interesting changes coming to our little neighborhood! Two separate building projects are finally taking place on the large lot across the street, former home of the General Iron Works factory.

The first project, almost completed, is a small apartment complex, with two buildings. The second, which is in the “moving around dirt” phase, will contain single family homes, possibly mixed with multi-unit dwellings.

We hope that the new construction will bring even more life into this already unique neighborhood, without affecting our beloved wildlife too much.

The history of General Iron Works spans back to the 1920s, when five competing machining and iron companies merged into one business. The factory played an important role during World War II, producing machine tools, pumps, marine boiler & turret parts, and artillery shells, among other items. After the buildings were torn down in 2002, several temporary projects took over for short time periods, but the land has been empty for most of the last 15 years.


December Deals

We’re suddenly almost all the way through 2016, and counting down towards the New Year! This time of year can really make a person reflect on what’s truly important to them. I know I am thankful for my family and my friends, and I am also thankful for the relationships we’ve built as a company with our clients. We are thankful to you for choosing to bring your BMWs to Absolute for your service needs.

As a thank you to our wonderful clients, who share our love of BMWs, we would like to offer 10% off on parts & labor for any repair or service visit between now and December 31st. Just mention this post!

Goosebumps every time you spot it on the road. The #BMW #3series Gran Turismo.

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Updated! The Phones Are Back! Comcast Phone Service Outage!!

7/13/16 Update:

The phone service has been restored! We can now be reached through normal means, as well as through e-mail. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused on Tuesday!

Due to an apparently widespread outage issue with Comcast, our phone lines are currently down. Please email us at if you need any assistance! Updates soon! 

Update: Nationwide Comcast Phone Outage

Well, it is currently 5:20 MDT, and the phones are still in crisis mode! Rest assured that we are still here, still open, and will be here until 6:00 pm this evening. Normal business hours tomorrow, from 7:30-6:00 pm.

Don’t panic when you try to call and it says that our number is not a working number! Our internet is working AOK at this time, so don’t hesitate to e-mail us at


Well, Colorado, it looks like it might be spring again! If you’ve lived here for any length of time, you know that springtime weather can change in the blink of an eye. You wonder if you should finally take off your snow tires, and know that when you do, we’ll get just one more snowstorm.

I’m officially going to take a stand a declare that IT IS SPRING NOW, no matter what the skies decide to throw our way.

When it comes to your BMW or Mini, spring means it is time for several things. First and foremost, a thorough cleaning inside and out to get rid of the gravel, mud, mag chloride, dirt, dust, and road grime. Getting the undercarriage washed helps to prevent your vehicle’s hardware from corroding from the build up of nastiness that is picked up when driving in the snow and ice.

Secondly, spring means it is time to check your maintenance records and have your vehicle checked out here at Absolute Motor Works! It may be time to have some filters changed, the oil serviced, the fluids checked, the wipers changed, or perhaps verify that the a/c system is working properly! It is also important to examine the steering and suspension components to make sure that things are in good shape after the winter potholes and possible ice skids have taken their toll.

Get yourself rolling smoothly into the summer with a visit today! Mention this blog post when you schedule your next appointment and get 10% off on parts & labor. This offer is good through May 31st, 2016.

Happy Birthday, BMW!

Vision Next 100

Last week, BMW celebrated its 100th birthday! We were treated to a release of a new concept car, the Vision Next 100, with a combo of autonomous and manual driving features. As with most concept cars, the idea seems too crazy to be believed! The body is shape-shifting carbon fiber, and the steering wheel folds up when it is in autonomous driving mode. Next, I fully expect the flying cars we were promised in Back to the Future II and The Jetsons! Are you listening, designers?

I also stumbled across this fun article on, which has a list of fun BMW facts to read through. Personally, numbers 8, 13, and 18 are my favorite tidbits!

Thank you for 100 great years, BMW! I know everyone is looking forward to seeing what you can think of next!

Only one request for the next generation, from this humble blogger and shop manager, please please please bring back the dipstick? People love them. They are comforting. It is a $3.00 piece of important diagnostic equipment. Pretty please? Thank you! How can you say no to this face?

Mini Superbowl 2016 Ad

Last week, I posted the 2015 BMW Superbowl Ad, which kicked off a year of comedy in their advertising. Now that Superbowl Sunday is over for the year, we got to see a new ad from Mini to set the tone for their next ad campaign.

Mini started off their next six months of the “Defy Labels” campaign, with this ad, featuring athletes, musicians, and actors:

It’s a nice message, one that anyone could do well to take to heart. Even if you don’t drive a Mini!

Looks like BMW chose not to place their own spot this year, instead concentrating on the Mini line. This is disappointing as I know that I was fond of the new ones that came out last year!

Now we will all get to wait another year to see what BMW might come up with for the big game!

We here at Absolute Motor Works would like to take a moment to congratulate the Denver Broncos on their decisive victory in Superbowl 50! Way to keep it classy, Peyton and crew! Denver is proud to have you bring us home another championship!

Superbowl Time!

Hello, Denver!

What an exciting time for sports here in the Mile High City! This Sunday, the Broncos will be challenging the Carolina (or is it Florida? lol) Panthers in Superbowl 50! Let’s hope they can bring us home another championship! (And let us not forget the Avalanche, who have worked their way back up into a playoff spot!)

Even when our home team isn’t playing in the big game, people LOVE to tune in to check out the adverts that companies spend millions of dollars to place in this prime advertising spot. Everyone knows and loves the cute, heartwarming ads by Budweiser, but I know that people really look forward to the funny ones!

Since I can’t stand spoilers, I dug up BMW’s hilarious ad from last year’s Superbowl, that led to a series of similar ads from them with a bent towards chuckles. What sort of ad do you think they will come up with this year?