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Special Contest!

It is time to take a minute from the car talk, and discuss one of the favorite employees here at the shop! If you've been in, you of course know that I mean Dwayne!

He's now five years old, and has been working with me daily since he was four months old. In all the time he has been here with us, making clients smile, the pervasive question has been, "What is he?!"

The answer to that question will soon be at hand. In order to make things interesting, we are holding a little pool so people can try their hand at a guess! Each entry is $5, with the change to pick up to 5 breeds and the associated percentages. Winner will receive 50% of the pot, with the other 50% donated to the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley.

If you're interested in entering, please swing by the shop to place your votes! The winner will be announced in the next 4-6 weeks once the DNA test results are in!

No matter what the outcome, I hope we can all have a little fun, make someone a little pocket money, and help some shelter animals all at the same time!

Labrador Dog