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A One Off Mini to Really Wow You!

The Most Tenacious Mini Engine Transplant You've Ever Seen! The British auto specialist company Powerflex, took four long years to pull off this conversion. Installing a BMW S65 (M3) engine into a little R56 Mini Cooper S is no small feat!  The car is ultimately destined for the track, as evidenced by the custom roll cage, dual clutch gearbox, and complete reworking of everything needed for this massive V8 engine to fit where a transverse 4 cylinder used to reside.  I know I'd love to take this revamped Mini out for a spin! Congrats, Powerflex, and all of your dedicated builders. 

BMW 760Li vs Mercedes S63 AMG

I was thinking about a new fun video to post up for our readers, and started chatting with our Technicians to see if they had anything fun they'd like to see here on our blog. This video popped to mind after I mentioned the E30 3 series convertible clip I last posted. James from BBC's infinitely educational car show Top Gear delivers a side by side comparison between rivals BMW and Mercedes. With a little help from The Stig, we get to find out which car is the best choice! We'd love to hear your thoughts on which car you think you'd like to drive (or be driven in!)