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Don’t Let This Happen to You!!

Almost everyone who drives any kind of vehicle has acquired some kind of dents or dings over the course of ownership, and many people have dealt with the repair of those kinds of blemishes. Sometimes a person may choose to leave a dent be for a period of time due to cost of repair or time constraints, and most of the time, this course of inaction as it were is not an issue because the body damage is cosmetic at worst and doesn't affect the driveability of the car.

This week, I saw a customer who drives a lovely low mileage E36 convertible, who happens to be one of those people who had some cosmetic dents and dings. She had planned to get them repaired at a reputable body shop when time allowed, but has had many life events occurring over the last year or so, and so put it off until she would have time to be without the car.

Then, a predator struck. A scammer approached her in a parking lot, and like scammers usually do, built her confidence in his ability to help her out and repair the dents for much less than at a body shop. In a moment of weakness, she accepted and took his phone number. When the process started, there was a very small ding in the left front fender that she was unconcerned with, and a large dent in the driver's door. After receiving the car back, she expressed concern over the appearance of a gritty substance stuck all over repaired areas. She was told that substance would "come right off with a spray down and some polishing!"

Pictures are going to express what it would take millions of words to convey, so I give you the aftermath of the scammer's work. (Click to enlarge)


Naturally, after realizing that a car wash and a buffing weren't going to make the situation any better, she tried calling the man back. Only to find that the only contact number she had for him was disconnected. The scammer is likely using burner phones to avoid dealing with angry people.

This sort of scenario would be avoidable by only using reputable auto body repair facilities with store front locations. Now, you'll still need to research for yourself and read reviews, but you will be at least ten steps ahead if you encounter an issue and need to return to the facility for further work.

My sweet customer was just horrified at being taken advantage of like this, and asked me to share her story. She hopes that if even one other person is spared this kind of experience, that her sharing will be worth it.

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