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What do you recommend for the brakes on my car?

In most cases, we recommend using an Akebono Euro Ceramic brake pad with Zimmerman, Textar, or Brembo rotors. The cross-drilled rotor options are more important for the front brakes on the heavier cars, like the E39 5 series and E38 7 series models. The design allows more air flow through the rotor, which helps to dissipate heat and prolongs the life of the rotor.

The Akebono Euro ceramic brake pads have been well received by our clients. They are engineered to have a similar pedal feel to OE European manufacturer brake pads, without the excess dust that builds up on the wheels. Some clients have indicated a preference for the exact pedal feel that they are accustomed to from the OE pads, and in those cases, factory pads are also available to install.

Can you tell me what is wrong with my car over the phone?

In most cases, we cannot accurately diagnose your vehicle over the phone. Your BMW® is an extremely complex piece of machinery that requires hands-on testing and inspection.

What is your policy on customer supplied parts?

Due to changes with shop insurance policy requirements, we can no longer install customer supplied parts.

How often should I have my car serviced?

It varies from model to model, and driver to driver, but as a general rule you should change your oil every 3 - 4 thousand miles if you are using standard oil, and every 8-10 thousand miles if you are using synthetic oil. Perform the recommended scheduled maintenance (inspection levels 1 and 2 or Condition Based Service) at intervals determined by your vehicle’s service interval warning lights.

We do not recommend waiting for the oil service warning to come on before performing an oil service. The interval indicator can allow the vehicle to reach a distance of up to 16,000 miles before triggering, which is far too long to wait between oil services due to particulate build-up. Particulate build-up leads to sludge, and sludge leads to bigger problems.

For vehicles equipped with Condition Based Service warnings, you will not receive a warning for the air filter, transmission oil or service, transfer case oil, or differential oils. The air filter should be done at intervals coinciding with the microfilter warning (about every 30,000 miles), and the remaining services should be done in intervals of about 60,000-70,000 miles.

The salesman at the dealership I purchased my new car from said that if I have you work on my car, it will void my warranty. Is this true?

False! Consumers are entitled to have their cars serviced wherever they choose. Always read your warranty to understand what constitutes a covered service item. As long as detailed records are kept (as we do here for all of our customers) and the service intervals are met with Genuine parts your warranty will never be void.