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We take the time to answer questions you may have regarding service for your BMW or Mini Cooper. Please call or e-mail us with any questions!


  1. I need your help please.

    My son took out the battery from the BWM 2011 328i and accidentally closed the trunk.
    In his trunk is a big sub-woofer and he can not reach the emergency latch.
    We tried to jumpstart, looked on forum, ask our BWM mechanic to take a look and nothing.
    It is Fort Knox in there.
    Please help he has to start a new job and now is carless.
    No power to put into drive.


    1. Hello, sorry for the delay; comments vs. e-mails from the website all get dumped into one big “moderation needed” file, and frankly, they are usually spambots!

      There should be a manual key slot on the trunk, and if he uses the slide out key to insert it, he should be able to open the trunk manually from the outside. Hope this helps!

      If you need further assistance, please use the contact us e-mail link, or text/call the shop at 303-761-7355. Thank you!

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