An Oldie But A Goodie

While discussing the shop’s new intern (who has been described as part land piranha and part alligator,) this old BMW Z4 advert came to mind. Based on an SNL skit from long ago, this ad campaign from BMW has always been one of my favorites! I hope you all enjoy!

Happy Birthday, BMW!

Vision Next 100

Last week, BMW celebrated its 100th birthday! We were treated to a release of a new concept car, the Vision Next 100, with a combo of autonomous and manual driving features. As with most concept cars, the idea seems too crazy to be believed! The body is shape-shifting carbon fiber, and the steering wheel folds up when it is in autonomous driving mode. Next, I fully expect the flying cars we were promised in Back to the Future II and The Jetsons! Are you listening, designers?

I also stumbled across this fun article on, which has a list of fun BMW facts to read through. Personally, numbers 8, 13, and 18 are my favorite tidbits!

Thank you for 100 great years, BMW! I know everyone is looking forward to seeing what you can think of next!

Only one request for the next generation, from this humble blogger and shop manager, please please please bring back the dipstick? People love them. They are comforting. It is a $3.00 piece of important diagnostic equipment. Pretty please? Thank you! How can you say no to this face?

Top Gear Goes Historical on 80s BMW Convertibles

The fellows from Top Gear do it again!

In this fun video clip, our favorite trio of car guys get their hands on late 1980s BMW 3 series convertibles, and put them to several comparison tests. One has been hacked to death with aftermarket accessories, one has an automatic transmission, and the last has a manual transmission. Hilarity ensues when first Jeremy & James head off for a 0-100 race (leaving Richard behind when his alarm system goes out of whack), followed by a trip to a forensics lab, to see just what kind of history the three cars may have experienced. Finally, they test the theft prevention of all three convertibles.

As usual, when the Top Gear guys get their hands onto anything, you can expect good humo(u)r and mild disaster.

The video itself is from a few years ago, but worth the watch even four years later!